Friday, February 28, 2014

Birds and Zebras

Bird Print Dress: GAP Kids | Floral Bow Clip: Icing | Denim Jacket: Nordstrom |
Zebra Peekaboos Lil' Raskals Boutique // Fox Paws

TGIF! The weather has changed and totally feels like Spring is getting a bit closer. Which means more cute clothes and sunny days! We celebrated Eric's birthday yesterday and Adie is by far the cutest ever with him. We made him waffles for breakfast and opened presents followed by two trips to the DMV. Literally never want to go back. I still don't have a new license but that's okay I'm sure I hated the picture anyway. I am now on the hunt for our Marriage License to get a Utah license and until then I will remain an Arizona driver till 2048. :) We ended up going to dinner after Adie's nap to a favorite place, the Blue Iguana, still doesn't measure up to Arizona's Mexican restaurants but it's still worth the chips and salsa. Which I will be getting lots of on our trip down there soon! FIESTA!!!

This dress has been one of my favorite for Adie. It was on our wish list and I totally recommend it for any occasion. Playing soccer is on Adie's list, when we head outside it's usually monkey she doesn't leave behind and now its her princess soccer ball. I have had these shoes for months and they finally fit Adie. I am dying over the little peep toe! Stinking cutest ever and not to mention totally easy to put on and get out the door. Which makes the perfect soccer playing outfit for Spring. 

Happy Weekend!

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