Monday, January 13, 2014

Wish List

Like always we need everything on our wish list! :) I am dying over number six and will make sure we snag one before they are all gone! We are still busy even after the holidays. Starting Spring Cleaning early and with a toddler that will take well into the summer to finish! But we will be ready for the sunshine and staying outside all day when we're done! Here are a few things we're I am dying over to keep Adie looking stinking cute.

1. This dress would be perfect for dress up or casual and works well into the Spring! J.Crew
2. Honestly these are a true must have! So stinking cute and would be cute for 4th of July outfits! Peek Kids
3. Hair accessories are more of what I need for Adie so she doesn't always look like a wild child! GAP Kids
4. This dress is adorable in every way! I have some cute tights that would look perfect with that! GAP Kids
5. Adie literally amazes me every day so this tee is completely perfect for her! Peek Kids
6. THIS IS MY FAVORITE ON THE LIST! I will totally buy it!!! GAP Kids
7. We always need happy thoughts at our house, especially with Spring Cleaning! GAP Kids
8. This jacket works perfect for Spring and looks incredibly soft! GAP Kids
9. I want these for myself and to pair with number 5 for comfy days at home! Peek Kids
10. Polka Dots are never out of the question! I want this for cute summer days outside with splashes of color! GAP Kids
11. All of these are too cute and will totally keep hair out of Adie's face since she's so into doing her own hair! H&M
12. This dress brings out a little Hippie in me and I couldn't resist! J.Crew

1. DYING over this hat! Perfect for our Summer days coming up! J.Crew
2. These bracelets are the funnest accessories out there! Alex and Ani
3. Still wanting a pair of these that I just know I will live in all Spring and Summer long! Birkenstock
4. OH MY PINK! I love my Ray Bans now and these will bring a little color to our days in the sun! Ray Ban

All of these would be perfect for this swimsuit I am totally getting into this summer! I am in the mind set of getting ready for sunny days and a few tan lines! Cannot wait! :)

Happy almost Summer!

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