Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wish List with a Splash of Spring

I think Spring is in the air with these must haves! I am stinking so excited for flowers and green grass with sunshine! I need peonies everywhere in our house and lots of fun colors! This year is going to be a complete blast! I just want to be outside and the sun to be shinning and to hear Adie's laughter!!!

1. In love with this color and the touch of pink. J.Crew
2. Shine bright with these stars! Love them!!! Peek Kids
3. Yellow is so bright and fun! This top is a huge must have. GAP Kids
4. I love love LOVE this pink dress which we neeeeed! J.Crew
5. Shorts are the cutest on Adie! These wouldn't be any different. J.Crew
6. I have been eyeballing this dress and will have to get it! Peek Kids
7. HOORAY!!! We'll be shouting that this Spring for sure! Peek Kids
8. More shorts and these are cutoffs! Freaking cute! Peek Kids
9. I love the big flower and this headband would pretty much go with anything! J.Crew
10. Adie had a pair of these shorts last summer and they were a complete favorite! Peek Kids
11. This sweater looks so soft and snuggly and it's of course PINK! J.Crew
12. This Spring we will be prepared to dance in the rain! So this will be a must buy! GAP Kids 

I cannot wait to wear a ton of skirts and dresses with sandals! I am ready to put my boots away and let my pedicured polished toes out! I love this floral maxi-skirt. Perfect for a day out with my two favorites! Plus the bag would go with out a doubt perfect with the skirt :) 

skirt | bow bag

We will be working on a fun project for little Miss Adie Babes this week! We went to Home Depot this weekend; which Adie was obsessed with the bucket and wouldn't let it go! Got some paint and now all I need to do is get busy! Needless to say it will be the ideal spot for our busy bee to sit and take a minute to do whatever! I see a lot of tea parties and coloring masterpieces in our future!

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