Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wish List Remodel Style

All of the early starting of Spring Cleaning and working on Adie's table for the last week [feels like month #perfectionist] it makes me want to spruce up her little room too! I love the colors pink and grey with a splash of light blue for her room so I have searched for the perfect wish list for our mini remodel. Just adding a few new things and changing things up a bit can totally make the room feel brand new. I want her to feel like she can spend time in there, be creative and imaginative too! 

pink radio | beaded lamp | ceramic owl | rose pink pillow | grey basket-weave pillow | chalkboard print |
silver fan
peony dolly | I Love You print | round fluff rug | metallic basket |  mini dot sheets
Adie loves to dance and the pink radio would be the perfect way to blast music. This little owl can be used for so many things and I was thinking a spot to put all her bracelets sitting on her dresser. The metallic basket will be a must, she has so many blankets and that would be the perfect place to put them all. Just love everything we've found and can't wait to get started. :)

While searching for new fun-ness to put in Adie's room I came across this apron that I seriously have to have. Maybe I will bake more or maybe I'll have it hanging in the kitchen who knows but it is stinking cute! 

I never want the weekends to be over but they manage to fly by. We sure spent a lot of time outside in the sunshine and the occasional thirstbuster run. Which Adie now knows when we drive past the Maverik she points and ooohhh's at the store because sometimes we get a little sprite water cocktail just for her. Probably need to break this habit and quick.

Here's hoping to a better Monday than last week, flooding the basement will not be on my to do list!

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