Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wish List Leopard + Floral Style

I love the fresh start we get every week on Mondays! I have a few things planned for the end of the week that will get us right into the festiveness of Valentine's Day and I think Adie will just love all of it! I think a little more early Spring Cleaning will make us all feel a little less cupped up and the cabin fever might ware off a bit. Keeping a toddler inside all day can make you want to rip your face off but thankfully she is the best thing ever and we're not to that point ... yet! Nothing a little online shopping can't fix :) Here are some new favorites, we hope to snag at least a couple and as always wish for all of it!

1. This is the perfect tee for our little dancer! Old Navy
2. I am in love with this print and the fact its a dress! GAP Kids
3. My favorite of the list, these sandals are stinking cute and with Adie's chubby feet they'll be even cuter! GAP Kids
4. This romper will be a must and I love anything nautical! Old Navy
5. We need new sunnies for summer! These will be perfect! GAP Kids
6. Leopard and peplum suit! DYING!!! GAP Kids
7. This dress is darling and perfect for Spring! Old Navy
8. I am so ready for summer and these are a perfect addition to the sunshine! Old Navy
9. Floral everything is a must this Spring and these are too cute to pass up! Old Navy
10. Adie will be TWO this year and what a cute way to say it!!! Old Navy
11. LOVE! Simple B&W and perfectly paired with number ten!!! GAP Kids
12. Adie I swear is always in need of pajamas and I fell in love with these! Shine Bright! GAP Kids
13. A lucky thirteen to the list! This print in skinny leggings add to our shopping cart! GAP Kids

I am dying over everything that GAP Kids and Old Navy have right now. I would have never thought I would find such cute must haves at Old Navy. High five big time! The best part its so affordable and so stylish! These cute patch knee skinny jeans are from Old Navy and I have been dressing Adie in them like every day! Love them and they fit perfect! 

I found the perfect skirt for spring or even to wear on Mother's Day this year and I am on a wait list since they are currently sold out, that's how perfect it is! Since we will be making it to the beach this year I am thinking this would be the perfect Chiffon Cardigan to take with! Spring and Summer I cannot wait to see you!

annie top | knee patch skinny jeans

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