Sunday, January 26, 2014


For the past year and a half these Tommee Tippee bottles have been life savors, learning tools and a little bit of comfort! Adie has always been the best sleeper and she always loved bottle time. She would race to her crib when we said "night night time" and suck one of these down and out for the night she'd be. On her one year check up our Pediatrician said yes to whole milk and no to the bottle. I almost had the meltdown. NO BOTTLE! That means kicking and screaming and tears during nap time from both of us, one of my most sacred times of the day. I too needed that comfort and security feeling of Mommy time. What would I do now Adie do?! 

The other day [three to be exact] I put Adie down for a nap and didn't even think about her bottle, got her monkey to keep the bad guys away and a blanket to snuggle and like a boss she was out! I almost bawled ... bawled! Why?! That's a dream come true for any parent, well that meant my Adie babes is no longer my little baby girl she is all grown up! Before you know it she wont need, me! I can't handle it. The time is literally flying by and I need to capture every little minute of it up and hold on to it tight!

I truly think everything is harder for me than my sweet girl! I need to start trusting her, that she can totally handle it! I have gotten to be so spoiled with her and I can't help to spoil her right back! With Valentine's Day coming up I cannot wait to show her a little extra of Mommy's Love! You can see a few things we've already picked up here and what I have planned for our day together here style wise! I have got so much planned for us and will take a billion pictures to remember it forever!

Hope you guys have had a great weekend, I'm totally ready to tackle Monday!

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