Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Resolution Toddler Style

This year is really going to be our year! :) Nothing gets me more excited than thinking of fun things we can do with our Adie girl! So this year we came up with a few fun things to make sure we have the best year yet! Besides going to the beach which My Guy so kindly put on my list you can see here; I think Adie will love these! 

1. Take a Tumbling Class. I get weekly updates in my email telling me all about our toddler at what age she is! I got an email a couple months ago saying you're toddler is probably climbing on things ... I swear these emails are so accurate but usually a few weeks late! Adie has been on everything besides the kitchen counter! At just 15 months old, which was three months ago, she climbed out of her crib. Needless to say we are on the last notch before it's time for her big girl room! She has even climbed up a ladder up after her Daddy! I almost DIED! So I looked up a few classes and I am dying to take her! It will be so stinking fun for both of us and get us out of the house this Spring!

Here are some of the must haves we'll be taking with us!
pink sparkly backpack | pink leotard | water bottle | black leotard |
pink headband | hair-ties | grey tights
2. SWIM LESSONS. I wanted to have her in swim lessons last year but she was terrified of the floaty we got her but loved the water so we still need them! I think this summer she will do so much better than last because she understands so much more! She is obsessed with any kind of water and any chance she gets to splash in a puddle, she does. You can see all of our favorite swim suits here and why we need them all! I am so excited for summer and being out in the sunshine all day! 

3. Be outside until the sun goes down! I was telling Our Guy that the winter months seems like you have to snuggle to stay warm watching your favorite movies, which right now Despicable Me 2 takes the toddlers vote (and mine too). Which means in the summer we wont come inside until the sun goes down! We can swim. picnic. ride bikes. take Monkey for a walk. play ball. plant flowers. and enjoy all of the Holidays that will be coming up! Forth of July is a huge favorite with us!

4. Spring clean Adie's room! Which her room is always the cleanest in the house, surprisingly! Out with the clothes that are too snug and short for our little big girl! Donate old toys and keep a few for her "this was mine when I was little trunk". She is one very spoiled loved little girl so we will have a lot to do but that means we get some fun new things from the mall. ;) Adie has become quite the little shopper! 

5. Start being creative and getting ideas for her BIG GIRL ROOM! It is coming much quicker than I want it to but still so exciting! She has brought complete happiness to our sweet little life that I just want her to stay little Adie babes forever! I am dying over a few things at The Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids (of course). But this room would be the cutest room ever on the planet! That bed is so adorable and I can just see Adie all snuggled up already! So fun and yet so grown up! ;) But when the time comes we'll be sure to share the transition and ideas with you!

These are sure to be huge hits with little Miss. This year I think will be busy, fun, exciting and maybe a huge change for the three of us! Which I am really actually looking towards with a big fat smile! So here's cheers to you and your little toddlers New Year's Resolutions! Again we're totally making this year our year and for right now I am gathering all the fun stuff I can for Valentine's Day followed by Our Guy's birthday!

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