Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Little Valentine

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching like everything always does I thought I'd round up a few perfect must haves for our Little Valentine! Having a daughter like Adie it is seriously hard not to spoil her to death! Eric and I always catch ourselves saying how perfect she is! We are so truly lucky!

Since Adie is all about Princesses right now The Little Mermaid was a must and we don't have the movie so it's a win for both of us! :) Plus Eric can totally watch it with her since he knows the songs already! [totally true] She is so into books as well and nothing is more fun then building her library with festive ones! Plant a Kiss is seriously a new favorite for me, so stinking cute! I am dying over this Lalaloopsy Pet-Pal Monkey named Tickles B. Nana and Adie will too I am sure of it! They will have so much fun with tea parties that no little girl should miss out on and with this cake set she will be able to serve up the best cake in town. And of course a few sparkly bracelets too, which I so love the new colors, since we can't find her bracelet from Christmas better get both! :)

The Little Mermaid | Valentine Balloons | Plant a Kiss | Little Mermaid Storybook |
Pet-Pal Monkey | Romeo & Juliet | Three Tier Cake Stand | Glitter Bracelets
The weather has been gloomy and rainy today but it didn't stop Adie from running around outside in her new stinking cute tee! These baseball tees from SaSea Decor are the best ever, super soft and comfy!!! I totally got a matching one :) just like our Santa tees! I just love Valentine's Day! Chocolates, hearts, glitter, kisses, PINK what more could you want!? Here's to another day closer to Friday! Love Fridays to death!!! 

Olive You Baseball Tee | Heart Leggings


  1. just finding your blog and loving your sweet little lady! Looking forward to following along :)