Friday, January 3, 2014

Me in 2014

All about me this year!

I am focusing on being a better me this year. I have slacked off completely and it's time I take care of everyone by taking care of me! I want to be a healthier, funner, smarter, better, more creative me. To be a better wife. mommy. sister. daughter. friend. neighbor. I have to start with me. So this is my year to do it!

Since having Adie I have been all about her and slacked on myself, skinny or thin doesn't mean healthy! I live on Dr. Pepper which is by far one of the worst habits I have but honestly it could be worse. :) I want/need to start eating healthier and exercising which will give me the energy to keep up with my Adie babes! I get plenty of sleep and I think sometimes too much so I want to get ahead of the game and rise and shine and start the day out right! Either with exercising or making a fun breakfast for the two I love the most!

I want to throw more parties or friend luncheons and use my creativeness to make everlasting memories! I love making the small touches and laughing our heads off! I think we all need a little more laughter every day! I really need to pick up a good book and have some me time! Enjoy the quiet mornings or late evenings with a book that makes me a little more smart and a little less ding dong-ish! ;)

So here's to "making 2014 count" and getting my stuff together! I am so going to need a support group for this! ;)

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