Monday, January 27, 2014

Heart Shaped Cookies + Sprinkles

Monday was a success! I love how excited Adie gets over everything! She already has such a big imagination that I just love so much! Today we made cookies and she seriously is the funniest helper! Target has the cutest Valentine's Day baking must haves that we picked up the other day! I love the colors this year, pink, black, teal and red! I have been working on a few DIY decorations for her room, loving them so far! 

She giggled the entire time when I was setting things out which she quickly rearranged herself! Her table has been the best thing ever! Perfect for baking cookies with Mommy! February is almost here and we will be ready to give sweet treats to those we love the most! :)

Here's to cookies and a hot mess baking them! 

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