Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February's Bucket List

February is this week and we have a lot of hearts and so much to look forward to! Valentine's Day . My Mom's Birthday . Our Guy's Birthday . Another month closer to Spring and Summer . And being a funner us! I came up with a fun baking bucket list for February and can't wait to do all of it with our sweet girl! You can find all of these must do's here :)

Baking these cookies looks like a must to give to our neighbors and anyone we want!
These are a must for sure. Sparkly hearts, Adie will love this! It's like Forth of July in February!
These we have to make for Our Guy's birthday and bring him some at work! 
CONFETTI! Need we say more and what an easy and fun DIY!!! I am dying!
These balloons and tassels are a perfect picture moment and I know our balloon obsessed girl will just love all of it!
This is the perfect way to keep snack time festive!
The cutest breakfast ever and we will so be doing this! Good Morning!
Now that Adie doesn't need her bottle this is a fun way to get her to drink milk!
Peonies are the prettiest flowers ever and so girly! We need some in our life!

A few more things I have in store for Adie we'll be sure to share but don't want to ruin the surprise for those we are loving most! ;) It involves glitter and lots of hearts!! She is gonna have a blast! 

Today was spent coloring and coloring! She loves her little table and I love it to death too! The best thing ever is that the crayon totally wipes off which is perfect for me. #ocd She is in love with her pencil holder we picked up today. She had to bring it in the bathroom while we brushed her teeth, held it the entire time! I so framed Adie's scribbles coloring and added our own festive garland and can't stop starring at it! It just melts my heart and makes me smile big! Love her guts!

sippy cup | owl pencil holder | table

Happy Hump Day ... finally! 

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