Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Toddler Table

Adie's Table is finished!

Our many trips to Home Depot which right now might be my favorite store; we picked up scented valentine, dark cavern paint. I went with the light pink since all of Adie's furniture in her room is white, that this would make a fun statement piece. Plus I love the pink, white/cream, grey look! Went through two paintbrushes, two pieces of sand paper and washi tape frog tape to create the funnest thing now in her room! 

This Ikea table was incredibly inexpensive, $20 inexpensive to be exact. The best table/deal ever for your toddler! I came to the conclusion that Adie's table didn't need to be from PBK [even though so badly I did] because let's face it, it's gonna get a little used :) and it wont even matter that it may eventually have crayon all over it or snacks stuck to it. It's hers and she gets to be the artist, the dreamer, the reader, the tea drinker, or even the story teller for however long! 

I thought washi tape would help save me another trip to Home Depot to create the dipped leg look. Not so much. Make the trip and get frogs tape and a great excuse for a Dr. Pepper. So after I painted the table pink [before we assembled it to make sure every bit was covered] I taped off the legs and added the different colors to create the dipped leg look, which now I want to do for a side table for Adie's chair she got for Christmas. Another project :) I swear it's addicting! 

After everything was painted we put it together and I sanded the edges a bit to give the pink color a rustic vintage look! I added a dowel and white butcher paper underneath so Adie can color anytime and we wont run out of paper for the little artist! I used a regular size dowel and two dowel holders. I screwed the dowel holders to the bottom edge so that the paper will roll easy. You can find drawing paper at Ikea or even Toys'R'Us for just a couple bucks more. Endless creativity!

These fun crayons and this stinking cute star pillow that have been a huge hit since Christmas are perfect accessories for her table! I finished her table and got everything together while she was napping, sent my Hubby pictures and was dying for Adie to wake up! I felt like the little kid so anxiously excited! So when she woke up we hurried through diaper change and telling me all about her dreams and ran out to show her, her surprise! I almost died! She was so excited and giggled and ran right to the table and sat in the chair just laughing! Instantly ate the popcorn and sat there like she had this table for months already! 
Best day ever!

Her table looks adorable in her room and I just know such fun memories will be had and I cannot wait! Here's to being creative and making your little sweeties giggle! 

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