Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adie 18 Months

I cannot believe I have a one and a half year old! I love this age to a million pieces! Every day is a new adventure both for her and myself! She is our adventurous, too independent and full of life little curious daughter. I cannot get enough of her and thank my lucky stars I am the one who gets to call her my Daughter. I love her guts!

Age: 18 months and a few days

Clothes: Currently wearing 18-24 months and 2T. I know she is so tall! [her Daddy is 6'3" and I am 5'9" ... she doesn't have a chance] I am obsessed with tights right now, they are perfect for any outfit. She is wearing a size 6.5 or I buy 7 so we can get more use from them. She is completely obsessed with any one's shoes and will put them on herself and own them. You can't take her to the mall without her pulling a few things off the rack or bringing you her very own dress she picked out at GAP Kids.

I remember going to our appointment to find out what Baby Anderson was going to be and remembering her telling us she is all leg and that she had the cutest button nose ever! She couldn't be more right, look at those long legs. That explains shopping in the 2T department most of the time. Which she is currently the height of a two and a half year old according to Doctor!

Favorite Foods and Snacks: Strawberries [like a bagillion of them], Raisins, Bananas, Apples, Quesadillas, Black Beans, Anything hot [I call her our little caliente] and Scrambled Eggs.  I want one of those quesadilla makers. How awesome would that be! I always try and get her to eat her veggies but there hasn't been much luck, so we'll have to get creative, maybe a smoothie or something she can dip them into! Pinterest is a good start :) | She will even get into her cupboard, bring me her fruit snack and her little bowl so she can have snack-time. She eats nonstop I swear!

Favorite Things to Say: Our little Adie babes isn't much for words still! I am not sure if I panic or think she'll talk when she's ready! [her Daddy didn't start talking until 2] Which I have been told that kids who are extremely active put speaking off because they are so busy. She does say a few things if you can catch her just right, Wow, Duck, DaDa, and she has mastered 'ooooohhhhhhhh' for everything! She communicates by doing things herself or getting your attention and taking you to what she wants.

Favorite Things To Do: She gets in these moods where she wants to throw everything! Even monkey gets tossed at times. She really is all about anything she does. | She loves to color, put her bracelets on and find anything else to be bracelets like all my hair-ties, she loves her books and right now she is all about the Princesses. | She will drop anything run and find monkey if she hears any music, so fun to watch. She is obsessed with being outside and anything it has to offer. | She likes to be taught how to do things, she laughed so hard helping Daddy make scrambled eggs. Cutest thing ever to wake up to! | And we cannot forget bath-time. She will run to the tub and even start taking off her clothes herself and attempt to climbing in when we tell her it's bath-time. She will splash and splash forever if we'd let her. 

Favorite Stuff: Since Christmas she has been in love with all of her new presents. She loves her push flower we got from PBK and she will push it all around the house when I vacuum, like she's vacuuming. The more sophisticated push toy that wont drive you out of your mind. | She is pretty dang happy about her own little chair too. She insists that's where you eat and have snack time and watch movies and on a few occasions it becomes a fort! | She is into climbing everything she can including us. She thinks its so fun and when she finally reaches the top she laughs and claps!

Adie Moves : She is really big into making the kiss smack sound. She will kiss you and leave you with a smack. Stinking cuteness alert. Even when she blows kisses you can hear the smack of the smooch! Every time I put her in her car-seat I give her Eskimo Kisses and now she does them and literally melts your heart! | And her waves are getting cuter and stinking cuter every day we walk Daddy out to work.

Other Fun Stuff: She is such a big girl that she really doesn't like her highchair anymore. Even at restaurants she freaks out and would rather sit in a big chair like the rest of us! She is a much better Adie when she does so we just go with it! | She loves to clap whenever she feels like she's accomplished anything, like putting on her sunglasses. She gets so thrilled and lights up when she applauds herself. | She loves to be buried under pillows. She climbs on the sofa and wiggles her way down under them and it's free game to tickle her! Cutest thing ever. | She insists on being the toddler she is, she has to do what she wants to do, she loves being independent and at times I can't even carry her anymore, one because usually my arm is burning or she pushes away from me so we let her do her thing. | And she has to run everywhere she goes, not walk but run!

I love this age to death. I never ever want to forget all of the cute things she does! She amazes me on a daily basis at what she is learning and always has me thankful she's mine.  I really can't put into words how much I love her, but I think that is all part of being a mama. Love beyond measure. 

I cannot believe this was almost a year and a half ago! Where the time goes, I do not know, I am just forever grateful I get my days with my sweet girl who I can't seem to squeeze enough!

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