Monday, December 9, 2013

Wish List "Momma Style"

We're getting back to schedule over here! This wish list is all about ME! :) I seriously want everything on this list but truly know I have everything! Today was a fun day with my Adie babe making cookies for tomorrow's fun party in the morning! Adie only and I mean hot-mess only ate the frosting! She seriously kills me! She is obsessed right now with Kelly Clarkson's Run Run Rudolph song! She drops whatever she is doing and dances around and even hunts down monkey to dance with her!

Here's a few things I am wishing for this week ;)

1. I find the older I get the more my wishes change. DISHES! Pottery Barn
2. I am dying to have this swimsuit even though there is snow outside! HUGE SALE TOO! Zinke
3. I have wanted this bikes since forever and I think I might have to move to the beach too! Beach Cruiser
4. I love this pillow! I think Adie would too ;) Pottery Barn
5. I so want this salad serving set! Love the aqua teal color! Very beachy! Pottery Barn
6. I have been on the hunt for an awesome pair of booties and I think these are them! Nordstrom
7. I love skirts and dresses! This one I could pair with any color and rock it! With my booties too! Lily Boitique
8. OBSESSED with getting my hands on one of these one-of-a-kind treasures! LOVE! Nena & Co.
9. This sweatshirt is a perfect fit for me! My Hubby calls me Wife all the time ;) xoxo ILY
10. This skirt is so stinking cute! Happy New Year's skirt to be exact! ASOS
11. I love the beach and everything that comes with it! So these are a must! Royal Countess
12. I can't wait for summer and these to be on my feet! And wearing my swimsuit I'm wishing for! Birkenstock

I seriously could shop for days and still be freaking so excited! But these are wishes that might make there way to me now or later! :) I think this could be a good Christmas wish list or this one here. Hope you guys are starting your week off with a cold Dr. Pepper! 

I am now running to Wal-Mart to pick up Fast 6 to make sure I get my movie! #paulwalker 

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