Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wish List Love Style

I cannot believe Christmas is already here! I just remember last year like it was yesterday and our little Adie babe was just that ... little! Now she is dancing all night and keeping smiles on our faces! She literally danced the night away (past her bedtime). Tomorrow will be such a fun day making cookies for Santa, finishing the last touches on some presents and of course more wrapping! Spending time with those that mean the most and making memories last!

I am already seeing the freaking cutest Valentine's Day stuff out already! Like we haven't spent all of our money now we need to start thinking about LOVE DAY! I am excited :) not going to lie! So many fun ideas to show Adie girl how much I love her!

1. GAP has captured our hearts! Love this dress! GAP Kids
2. Peek Kids is so a favorite and this shirt is another reason why! Peek Kids
3. I love this simple sweater with a touch of glitter! J.Crew
4. OH MY HEARTS! I am dying and getting so excited for hearts! Old Navy
5. Literally already have these in our online shopping cart! Old Navy
6. These are perfect for everyday and any shirt or even number nine! GAP Kids
7. This would be perfect for a day out doing all things we love! GAP Kids
8. REALLY! I want a pair for myself! LOVE and HAVE TO HAVE! GAP Kids
9. I love this tee so much that we already have it but I had to share! So soft too! Peek Kids
10. I love this suit so much, we might have to wear it in the bath tub or a quick hot tub splash! Old Navy
11. Gotta have pajamas you love! And I am loving these! J.Crew
12. Another stinking must have! Plus Adie has to have needs these! SO CUTE! GAP Kids
13. A bonus find! Perfect dress for a Daddy Daughter Date! How CUUUUTE! J.Crew

I found more cute things on GAP Kids if you just type heart in the search box you will want all of it! :) This makes me so excited for February and all the fun things we get to do to show how much we LOVE!

We got a few things I ordered from GAP Kids and I wrapped some for Christmas Day and some things we just had to wear! This outfit I have been dying over all day! It looks too stinking cute!

one [on sale too] | two | three | four

Totally cute! :) follow us on Instagram here to see all things cute every day!

p.s. We have said LOVE eleven times in this post ... make that twelve! That's how excited we are! :)

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