Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Nights

Today has been such a fun day with Adie, which most of them are but we still have our days! We wrapped presents, watched Cinderella (which she laughs at the little mice) and hit up the Maverik (circle K) and went to look at Christmas lights! We went to this fun house where you tune into a radio station and the lights flicker and sparkle with the tunes in your car! I think this trip Adie was more interested in her little thirstbuster than the lights!

I discovered the cutest ever in the whole wide world dolly this morning! And ever since it has been nagging at me! I want this dolly so bad for Adie! So I went on her website and died! (and a little bit over the price but I totally get it). There are tons of cuteness! I think she would love her to the moon and back and made sure she had kisses too! Which monkey needs a break any way. He needs washed and washed again! But here is the little dolly I think would be perfect wrapped up in Adie's arms! Ugh! And her name is Peony, prettiest flowers ever too! She is so pretty with her little headband! 
When I saw her it just reminded me of my Adie babes! 

The best part is, is the lady said she would make sure Adie got it by Christmas if I ordered it! Seriously killing me! 

Happy Christmas Lights! 

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