Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler

I seriously shopped my butt off today! Thank you Mamma Hatton for watching Adie babe so I could get all the must haves for Christmas! :) Nothing was more fun then finding little itty bittys for Adie's stocking! She is so grown up that I was dying over all of the not-so-little toys for her stocking! I think she will love everything to death! 

This year I got Adie babes her own stocking from Pottery Barn and got her named embroidered in Christmas red to keep in her room! I love it!!! I filled it with her advent calendar goodies and when she saw it she stood there and said "Waaaahhhhhhw" also known as WOW! Stinking love her! She seriously is so much fun! 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight
But on Christmas morning this will be in her stocking we have hung out by the tree along with some fruit snacks and raisins (which she is currently obsessed with). Lucky me ;) I got her cute reindeer today from Peek Kids one of my favorite places on earth for their Peek - A - Boom sale! HALF OFF and had to go back and pick one up for my cute nephew! They are the softest and cuddliest things ever! Since Adie is loving everything sparkly and bracelets this pink one we got from J.Crew is perfect and I have a feeling she'll wear the crap out of it! Another favorite of mine is the PINK dolphin :) She loves bath time! Total understatement since she tries to climb in the tub when I tell her "let's go take a bath". I haven't seen Despicable Me 2 and I cannot wait to get comfy next to Adie in her new chair from Santa and watch it! 

Which I have decided to breathe this Christmas and have Santa give her the pink PBK anywhere chair that has her cute little name on it! Plus her two new pillows will be perfect for it! So that will be ready for her to sit on Christmas morning! When I was little Santa always had his "big gift" unwrapped and waiting for me! I seriously love that and have done it for Adie last year and again we will this year!

One more thing I have to share and then I have to wrap presents! But I came across this fabulous store called Little Circus from Instagram and had to buy the ice cream sundae stacking set! I am dying over the cuteness! She loves stacking things and this is such a fun way! I just went scrolling through their website saying "Adie would love this and OH MY CUTE" so you have to check it out! :)

You still have lots of time to get those itty bittys for your itty bitty! ;)

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