Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

We have been crazy busy at our house! Between the shopping and decorating and can't forget baking we have managed to keep things festive! Not to mention we still have a ton of everything left to do! I feel like I am so busy even more so than when I actually "worked". 

We made sure to switch out our festive picture! OH WHAT FUN print keeps us in the spirit of having fun! And with Adie babes that's every day! I had the best help decorating the tree! Adie seriously was so funny! She lit up when we plugged the lights in to make sure they worked! She even decorated the pile on the floor until we were ready to string them! Not to mention we have been listening to Kelly Clarkson non-stop and she is obsessed!

 We did our cookie decorating for our party and marked it off the countdown till Christmas list! I seriously cannot wait until Christmas, I just can't stop thinking about how she will be so excited Christmas morning! She has been squealing and laughing more and more every day and I picture that's how it will be Christmas morning with what "Santa" has for her! I have big plans for her cute little table you can find here! Another fun thing we did to countdown the days until Santa was decorate and color a little Elf that is now on display in our kitchen! I will keep it forever and ever! Melts my heart ever time I see it, she is my little color bug!

You all know me and Paul Walker! I seriously drove to Wal-Mart and made sure I got my copy at midnight! Showed up all smiles and told the guy stocking them I had to make sure I got my copy! Needless to say, here's proof! :) Watched it today and I am still heart. broken.

Nothing is better than getting out of the house and spending it with girls that seriously rock! We had a fun bring a favorite recipe and enough to share with hot chocolate morning :) I made sugar cookies because who can seriously resist a sugar cookie!? (with frosting).  I need to start every morning with a cup of hot chocolate, it really warms things up and gives you the time to breathe! Which I need every now and then day. Such a fun idea for Christmas with your girls! Plus a ton of new recipes you already know taste delicious!

Hope you guys are having a fun festive week so far! :)

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