Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mama + Mini Everything Gold

I am loving the gold this year! Usually I am a silver kind of girl but not this year! Being that tomorrow is the biggest online shopping day ever, I am hoping to snag some of these! I am dying over the polka dot leggings for Adie and I so have to paint her toes gold and glittery! :) The gold girls' overnighter is seriously too cute! I would totally send Adie to a sleep over with that bag! Thank goodness not just yet, I would miss her to death!

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Today we started our festive December. Advent Calendar. The Elf on a Shelf. Christmas Bucket List. I am so excited to be home with Adie and be able to do so many fun things! I know she will just love it, all of it! ;) I opted for this cute Elf on the Shelf since its cute and the other one kind of well, you know. And it's a little more toddler proof! We opened the first book for our 25 books of Christmas, the Night before Christmas and read it to our Adie babe! I seriously love this time with my stinking cute family! 

Did you start any traditions with your little ones this year?!

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