Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love List

I feel like today I need to have a love list post! We haven't left the house since we got too much snow two days ago and I think it is making me crazy and on edge with my sweet Adie babes! So I have to remind myself that I have a lot to love! So here's a little of what I'm loving!

1. I love everything about this picture! It's all really about her being a big girl! Forget highchairs for this one! We went to Zupas the other night and my Hubby totally said he's on a date with Adie and I asked him what about me? I'm not in the picture so it doesn't count! That's how it is now, when Dads home with Adie this Momma might as well go get her long over due mani and pedi! Maybe even a little shopping! Retail therapy!

2. If you don't follow Cara Loren you should. "My blog is about my life, family, fashion, and whatever else I decide I want to talk about that day!" And I am loving, LOVING this outfit to death! It is so girly and I insist on getting it! Her fun blog tells you where she gets everything too which saves you from hunting it down. Easy breezy shopping! I love her hair too! :)

3. I have loved Paul Walker since forever! Everyone always gave me a hard time because he was my Hollywood pick! I am heart broken that he died! Seriously my heart hurt for days and I have been watching his movies today and will be for sure getting Fast 6 next week when it comes out! Probably at midnight! I still don't want to believe that he is gone! Heart. Broken.

4. I am always on the look out for stuff for Adie. Of course! I stumbled across this stinking cute website for girls! Boden Great British Style. I absolutely love this dress for Adie! I mean seriously! It is so adorable and the best part is, it wont break the bank! Love that! I would pair this dress with these and just stare at her all day and think how freaking cute is she! 

5. I love Pottery Barn Kids! They seriously know kids! I love these hooks for Adie's room! They would be perfect in an Adie bathroom or above her dresser/used to be changing table! Or next to her bookshelf would be cute to hang a little backpack one day and her favorite blankie, so she doesn't rip it through the cracks of her crib! I would totally get pink too!

6. Looking through pictures and finding ones like these always makes my heart smile! Even on days like today when I find Adie in the bathroom playing and splashing in the toilet, she makes me incredibly happy! I love her stinking to death! She is the perfect little girl that I need in my life! She teaches me so much and I couldn't have wished for a better girl! 

Hope you guys are having a fun week so far! We have cookies to make and toes to paint tomorrow! :)

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