Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas! 

I think after all the late nights wrapping and long days being festive have finally brought true joy to my heart! Our little Adie was so much fun to watch this Christmas Eve as she opened her presents and was excited to see what her Secret Santa brought her! Her White Elephant gift was a huge hit too, a new fluffy puppy! She immediately hugged and snuggled him! 

Christmas Eve has always been so fun for our family! Back home I can always remember going to my Grandma and Papa's house. We would carol for years which meant when we were old enough to not want to, we still went! And tonight I wished I was there in Arizona singing to our Grandparents as a surprise the songs we so remembered singing all those years ago! Even having my sweet little family, days like today make me wish we all could just be together! 

Another memory I have on Christmas Eve is stopping by the Circle K and getting a Dr. Pepper and we would drive by to see Christmas lights and head home! So I made sure Adie and I got our drinks today after nap time. She seriously giggles with her water and splash of sprite! I think just the fact that it's in a plastic cup from the Maverik makes her the happiest girl ever!

A Christmas Eve tradition that I will make sure stays around for Adie is getting new pajamas! I loved how these turned out! The perfect festive cute squeezable pair out there! And her little name looks too cute on them! Melts my heart! I love the fact that we can spoil her to death and I don't care at all about it! She is the best little angel bug! I cannot wait to see our sweet girl's face in the morning! I think I am more excited than anyone is! I have loved shopping for her. Wrapping all her presents and making sure everything will be just perfect in the morning! 

Now that the stockings are hung and cookies are out for Santa I think we will all be snuggled in our beds, while visions of sugar plums dance around in our heads. I hope you all enjoy your sweet mornings with your little babes and capture the joy we get to see through our children's eyes! 

I can't wait to see every one's Christmas!

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