Friday, December 20, 2013

Adie's Santa Gift + Last Minute Gift Guide

The weekend is here and that means Santa will be here so before we know it. Adie's pillows from The Land of Nod came in today so I had to get her chair and see the complete look! I am so excited to see her face Christmas morning! I love her new little book I got today from Barnes and Noble which I drove all the way downtown to pick it up and realized I didn't have our card to pay! So a two hour trip to get a very sold out book I am sure will be worth it :) I think when we take down Adie's tree in her room the chair will work perfect next to her little bookshelf and of course in-front of the television for movies!

chair | sheep pillow | star pillow | book
I think we still have just a few presents still to come in the mail for Adie but I am sure her very own anywhere chair will be a huge it! It sure is with me, I feel like the kid anxious for Christmas! It seriously is so much more joyful when you have such a sweet toddler babe! LOVE HER!

This weekend we will be finishing up our Christmas shopping for those few left on our list! Here's a fun last minute gift guide that I am totally all about! I love shopping and finding that perfect gift and even more so wrapping it to match how perfect the gift is! Sometimes I spend more time and money on the wrapping! I am loving the Feast cookbook especially for the big plans I have for the New Year! :) Literally excited!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Merry Last Minute Shopping!

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