Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wish List

Adie sure got spoiled from Grandma and Papa Arizona! There's no place like home and it is good to be back! Adie was the best traveler ever! She slept the entire time besides when we stopped to fuel up and even then she was full of laughs and giggles! Just love my sweet girl! Now we can get back on our every day schedule and adjust to the fall back of the time change! 
Number eight ... I am DYING!

1. This bear sweater in PINK is so fluffy and cuddly, our Adie needs it! GAP Kids
2. This sweater is too stinking cute and go with so many different outfits! Which we love! GAP Kids
3. These footie pajamas are a must for the holiday season! I love kiddies in these! GAP Kids
4. Pink cords ... yes we need them! GAP Kids
5. This darling dress is perfect for church or date night with Daddy! Janie and Jack
6. Onesie pajamas with no feet ... PERFECT! Love these to death! GAP Kids
7. Oh my gosh these tights are stinking a must have! SO ADORABLE! Hanna Andersson
8. OH MY CUTE! ... right??? I will so be dying over this for days! It is a true treasure piece! Simply Batty
9. Another pretty dress we cannot resist! Love the color! J.Crew
10. Adie so needs these for walking Daddy out to his car for work! J.Crew
11. These leg warmers are so cute! Perfect for those snowy days! GAP Kids
12. This dress is so a must have and I already have a ton of ides to make it the perfect outfit! Evelyn Fields

I am currently dying to get my hands on these must haves for myself! I love love love this thermal and hat! The sleeves on the thermal are enough for me to want to buy it and the hat is perfect for days I do not feel like blow-drying and curling my hair; just throw it on and go play with Adie girl! 

Nordstrom | Free People

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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