Thursday, November 14, 2013

'Tis the Season

Adie is obsessed with her sparkly Christmas tree ornaments! Today was such a special day putting up her little tree in her room! She lit up just like a kid on Christmas ;) when I turned the lights on she giggled and squealed! I died! Not to mention her matching festive pajamas!

 Christmas books have hit the shelves. I couldn't resist adding a few this week as I decorated Adie's room for Christmas. We are excited to start reading these to Adie before bedtime, she is going to be obsessed! I think this year we are going to do "25 books of Christmas". Having 25 Christmas books to unwrap during the month of December, one for every night, to then read before bed or as a family under the Christmas tree. A full on Christmas book advent calendar. How freaking festive?!

We just got started decorating Adie's room. I want to get a Merry Christmas garland for above her crib which would be stinking cute! I am loving this one and this one! Oh and I so want this to make her room a little more festive! I am literally dying! We'll be sure to post the final touches too! Here's our little checklist to make sure Adie's room is ready for Santa!

Merry Christmas Garland | Faux Fur White Rug | Festive Pillow | Pine Tree Branches | Santa Claus | Christmas Books | Christmas Picture from Last Year Framed  | Snow Globe | Christmas Blanket | 
A Christmas Wreath for her door

I cannot wait to have it all done; which I have high hopes of getting it done before Thanksgiving so we can just enjoy December and all of the festivities! 

The holidays are here and they came quick this year! Like usual! This year even more special now that Adie is a bit older than last and we can see her face light up! Pure joy! 

Have you gotten your decorations out or is it just us?

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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