Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Mini Style

With Thanksgiving just a little over two weeks away, it's time to get our planning started! Adie was around 5 months old last year at this time, I just know she is going to dig in and love every second of it this year! Things I am most excited for include mashed potatoes, the Macy's parade, so much Christmas music, cinnamon butter, taking a nap and watching Christmas Vacation for the first time this year. DECORATIONS top the list! I am seriously thinking about getting Adie's tree out this week!

And of course I already have our Turkey Day outfits picked out! I am in love with Adie's adorable outfit! Hopefully she will rock this headband! I have been eyeballing it for weeks! I love Thanksgiving and cannot wait to spend it with my little family! [and everyone else :)] 
one | two | three

The Holidays bring out the dress in me! I love a simple dress and that's why I picked this one out that will fit perfectly when I eat too much! Not to mention that awesome belt! I love the entire look and hopefully we can pull off cute Thanksgiving Day pictures!

one | two | three | four
sweater | leggings | boots | bunny
Are you as excited for Thanksgiving as we are?

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