Monday, November 18, 2013


DRESS: GAP Kids [similar here]

JEANS: Peek Kids

BOOTS: Nordstrom

BUNNY: Peek Kids

I cannot believe Monday is already over, the days just keep disappearing! Time to get seriously ready for Thanksgiving and our advent calendar "book style" and bucket list for December! I can do this! :) 

This outfit has become one of my favorites! I am loving everything about this turtle neck dress. I did try to put her puffer vest on and she freaked! I didn't even come close, I just got it out and tears! I don't know what it is! Today bunny took a dunk bath in the doggy's water dish. Adie sure thought it was the best time! It is actually pretty funny now. Not so much at the moment when splish splash took on a whole new meaning! But they make for some fun memories! 

Highlight [shopping style] of the day: I got Adie's Thanksgiving Day outfit, you can see it here, from GAP Kids for $7 [seven dollars] SEVEN! I love it!!! We got our cash back rewards and used their "MERRY" promo code at check out and bam ... it will be here this week! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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