Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stacked Hearts + Black Friday Finds


BOTTOMS: J.Crew [on sale and only in purple]

JACKET: Nordstrom [50% off right now ... go buy it]

BOOTS: Nordstrom

And since when did my girl grow up?!?!? She looks like she is five years old already, I can't take it! She is seriously growing up right before my eyes! I am so glad I take like a bagillion pictures of her all the time! This outfit became my favorite outfit ever, I love everything about it! But the jacket is by far my favorite and literally can go with every outfit!

one | two | three | four
A few things I am hoping to snag up on Black Friday this year! Pottery Barn Kids is having a twenty dollar off the anywhere chair that I have been eyeballing and loving for a long time! I think it's totally meant to be! The little reindeer would be so cute peeking out of her stocking and I know she would go crazy because she loves her stuffed animals to death! Everyone loves a little Michael! I can already imagine the cutest outfit with that tee. These shoes caught my eye because they are different and stinking adorable! We always need more shoes! It seems like right now it's shoes and pants I can't keep up with!

Any must haves for your Black Friday?!

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