Thursday, November 21, 2013


I have been working on Adie's Christmas List and couldn't help myself! So this post is all about PINK! Our my favorite color. This seriously gets me excited even more so that I have a little daughter! I am literally dying over each one of these pink must haves! Not to mention a little sparkle in number four that I cannot resist! So here's a little pink that we're currently dying over.

1. Who doesn't need a little PINK book!? Wal-Mart
2. Pink necklace you can chew on! Adie LOVES hers. Now she is all about wearing it too! Chewbeads
3. This jacket looks so soft and we need it! Zulily
4. These are beyond a must! They are glittery! J.Crew
5. I know it's not swimsuit season but OH MY CUTE! J.Crew
6. Oh my heck! This is sold out in stores and I know why!!! We got ours and LOVE! GAP Kids
7. This skirt is a serious must in your girl's closet! I love the girlie frills! Lil' Raskals Boutique
9. These gloves will be perfect for Winter! So stinking cute! J.Crew
10. Cars are cool for girls too, especially this PINK one! I am dying! Hayneedle
11. Perfect for her skirts, jeans and cute leggings! I got one similar at Sassy Babies
12. This jacket is mini size beautiful! Gah we want this too! similar here

I made this headband for this beautiful birthday girl (thanks Brandi for letting me share pretties for the big day) and of course it's PINK! She is too cute for words and those blue eyes! I bet she's popular with all the boys on the playground! ;) LOVE IT!

Now you know why we can't get enough of PINK!

Today has been a lazy day and really haven't done much besides stay in our pajamas all day! The light drizzle of snow makes this happen! I worked on Adie's stinking cute Advent Calendar and am half way done and can't wait to show you guys! Adie is obsessed (obsessed is a total understatement) with balloons so we had to pick this one up when she went crazy at the grocery store! And how can you pass up on Barbie!

(enter heart explosion here)
There is always more just around the "corner"!

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