Monday, November 25, 2013

My 100th Post

I can't believe this is my 100th post here on Adie's Corner! It seems like this blog and of course my darling babe have been a part of my life forever! My blog is growing into something I could have never imagined! It all started as a way to document Adie growing for friends and family far away and sharing stinking cute clothes! 

Now here we are, a little less than a year later, and my blog is such a crazy, huge part of my life! I love documenting our wild but perfect days. I can't thank you all enough for making this blog what it is today! Your comments and emails make me smile on a daily basis. One day, Adie will be old enough to read all of this, and I just know her heart will be so full of happiness thanks to you all! 

In other news, it feels like Christmas will be here before you know it!. I couldn't be more excited! Accessories make every outfit even cuter; this list is proof! I am literally dying that they make belts for Adie! Here are a few accessories we are currently obsessing over! I just might have to get one or two things to put in her stocking! ;) ... of course all of the girly gear at J.Crew and Nordstrom has me itching to shop!

1. I love all these little stars on this slouch beanie! Perfect for a messy hair day! Nordstrom
2. These little hairpins are perfect for Adie so her hair is not all in her face [like usual]! J.Crew
3. How can you resist a pair of shades that look like these!? J.Crew
4. These are the perfect hair ties and make cute bracelets for the toddler girl! Nordstrom
5. I am dying over this beanie! We have to get it or maybe put it on our Christmas List! Nordstrom
6. This infinity scarf is a perfect throw on scarf  to head outside! Nordstrom
7. Non toxic nail polish! That means I can paint Adie's fingernails! AHHHH SO EXCITED! Mini Mioche
8. I love this sparkly heart necklace so much! Perfect dress up accessory! J.Crew [on sale too]
9. I love love love this necklace and how it ties in the back! Perfect for church! J.Crew
10. This beanie will be bought so we can wear it the month of February! LOVE MONTH! GAP Kids [on sale]
11. This belt is so cute and I love that they will fit my little toddler babe!
12. This belt is perfect. The end! J.Crew

Thank you all again for following along on our journey! Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your encouragement & kindness over the last view months. Wish I could buy you all a virtual Dr. Pepper!

p.s. We're officially best friends with our new A Tiny Arrow friendship bracelets! Adie even picked hers and totally loved wearing it and didn't want it to come off for bath time! She is so into jewelry right now, maybe even more so than shoes! I think I might be in trouble ;)

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