Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mama + Mini Mani and Pedi

Nothing makes my day a little better than a mani and pedi! Well that and a Dr. Pepper and kisses from my Adie and my Hubby too! ;) So today I felt like me and my girl needed a fresh coat! I have found the end all be all for top coats! Don't you seriously hate sheet marks? You go to bed hours and I mean hours after you made your nails perfect and you wake up with marks! What the "sheet marks"! But you can find this top coat pretty much anywhere and I get mine from here! Totally worth the ten dollars and the morning wake-up with pretty digits!

Pajamas | Sparkly Bracelet

I totally was able to paint Adie's little tootsies because she was watching Monsters University and she is obsessed with her sparkly bracelet! You have to wear them with your jammies! Every time I look at her feet I just smile! They are so stinking cute!

Today we picked up our fun Thanksgiving essentials for the big feast! And her new seat that makes this Mama happy! Easy clean up! You can find it here!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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