Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love List

Being that it is almost Thanksgiving, I can't help but think how thankful I am that there is a whole lot of Mommy and Adie time! Just thinking about all the fun festive stuff we get to do this year just makes my heart so full of joy! 

Love List Time.

1. I love that Adie will wear her owl beanie instead of brutally ripping it off like her headbands. It was perfect to wear on our rainy day out with Mommy! It's the best for those days that we just need to get out of the house in a hurry! My favorite beanie ever [so far].

2. Christmas books are everywhere which is perfect for our "25 books of Christmas" that we are doing this year. We picked up The Nightmare before Christmas and Oh, What a Christmas today at Barnes and Noble and I cannot wait to start reading all of these to our little book lover! I think we need like twenty more so I am going to raid the dollar store and find the discounts! 

3. Garlands! I am currently obsessed this year! I love how easy this little garland was to make to add a little festive to our picture frame. These will literally be all over the house! I am still on the hunt for a Merry Christmas garland for Adie's room that I might just have to brake down and buy it here or do another DIY garland! And I found another must have garland! Check it out here! Its going to look so stinking cute! I am DYING over here! This is a fun one too I added to our 'Tis the Season board on Pinterest! You should totally follow us so we can follow you :)

4. GAP Kids is killing me with all of their promos right now! I just ordered this to freaking die for onesie for Adie! I can't even handle the cuteness! The best part is that they were only $12 and will be here just in time for the mistletoe to be hung ;) 

5. I love and I mean LOVE [tears in my eyes] that one picture of my sweet girl can be a huge hit over night! I was seriously in shock [ask Eric] the other night when I discovered this pin went to over 400 repins on Pinterest! It has definitely made me realize even more so that THIS is what I am meant to do! I am so blessed that I get to spend my time home with our daughter and watch her grow up! It's because of you that Adie's Corner is starting to become what I have envisioned it from the beginning and I could not be more thankful for each one of you! A BIG FAT THANK YOU! HUGE!

6. Long Jane Pajamas! Today I totally changed into these comfy loungy pajamas when we got home at like 3 o'clock! But who cares; it's really the best thing ever to do laundry in! I actually got red instead of something pink and I like it! I can get used to red! I also had to get these socks to keep my toes warm! 

7. This girl cracks me up! She owns the back seat and this is proof! One thing I love most about my car is that we paid it off this October! Adie's car [ha ha ha] is paid for! My little Mazda has been the best little car and has truly put up with me! Now if it can just hang in there a little longer until the right time to purchase my must have car! The Range Rover! 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we're currently loving! Let us know what you are loving in the comments so we can love it too! :)

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