Friday, November 1, 2013


Daddy's favorite picture!

That's Fudge, the Puppy!


SNEAKS: Journey Kidz

Today we took our Adie to the park where I used to go to and the best part is its next to Dairy Queen! Perfect for hot summer days or November firsts! The weather has been nothing less than perfect! I wanted to give Adie a little Arizona love so we got her this tee! Adie sure loved climbing all over the playground. She went down the slides, underneath it, made new friends [held hands and all ... so cute] and played in the drinking fountain! Got a new puppy named Fudge to play with too; Culver's gave her one for her cuteness! She kept putting him down the slide! Adie could seriously play all day outside which worries me for when the snow gets here! Don't remind us ... right! 

On the way home we drove through Saguaro National Park, Adie slept the whole time! But it's still full of cactus and beautiful blue skies! These saguaros are pretty crazy and My Guy LOVES them ... all cactus! I am more of a Palm Tree kinda girl! 

Hope you guys have a fun weekend; we will be driving home Saturday night and hope it goes as smooth as the drive down! 
Wish us luck! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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