Friday, November 15, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Bucket List

Today we decided to make some fun Christmas treats to get us in the spirit! I absolutely love chocolate dipped pretzels any time of the year! My favorite are from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Me and Adie made sure we got everything we needed for a fun day of pretzels and chocolate! She was a big help eating the pretzels and peppermint bites!

This really got me thinking about a ton of things we could do this year with our little babes! So I came up with a list of everything we should do this year to keep us in the spirit of Christmas all month long! [I stole the idea so you can't give me all the credit] 25 days of Christmas Bucket List:

25. Make sugar cookies and decorate them like this.
24. Buy a real Christmas tree and use lots of glitter to decorate it.
23. Bring Daddy hot chocolate at work with kisses too!
22. Buy a new red nail-polish and paint Adie's toes and mine too.
21. Make Christmas cards for Grandma and Papa!
20. Watch Elf and eat snack necklaces while making paper snowflakes.
19. Donate toys and clothes to local charities. My pick is the YWCA!
18. Make popcorn strings and hang on Adie's tree.
17.  Get bundled up and make a snowman.
16. Make fireplace s'mores and listen to Christmas music.
15. Make a fun Christmas craft, of course with glitter.
14. Drink hot coco and look at the Christmas tree out of these Santa mugs.
13. Get creative and wrap a few presents.
12. Have a date night, eat peppermint bark and watch Love Actually. 
11. Make treats for neighbors, family & friends.
10. Drink hot chocolate Dr. Pepper and drive around looking at Christmas lights.
9. Have a play date in the snow with the girls and take lots of pictures!
8. Take Adie to go see Santa.
7. Make a gingerbread house (which will really just be a gingerbread hot-mess).
6. Host a Christmas party with friends complete with lots of festive snacks and board games. Maybe an ugly sweater or two?!
5. Go Christmas shopping downtown and enjoy the hustle & bustle!
4. Have a festive breakfast or brunch.
3. Snuggle up and read all of our Christmas books in our tent from Pink Parlor Designs!
2.  Watch our favorite Christmas movie! 
1. Make cookies for Santa and wear new Christmas pajamas Christmas Eve.

Tee | Leggings

I think I am going to make an Advent Calendar for Adie this year so we can add a few of these fun things to our countdown to Christmas! This year we can really get into doing all the fun things since Adie is much older this year and understands way more than I will ever know! She's a real bad-ass toddler!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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