Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wish List

These wishes really need to become items hanging in our closet! I am seriously dying over number two. Every year I always buy a Christmas dress for me and my Adie and I think we found it! It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for my girl! 

1. I still love these rompers even for Fall! Janie and Jack
2. THIS IS THE DRESS! Janie and Jack
3. Pink and comfy YES PLEASE! J.Crew
4. I think Adie would look so stinking cute in this turtle neck sweater! J.Crew
5. Stars jacket!!! I love love love this! GAP Kids
6. These colors are so stinking cute in the plaid! So Fall! GAP Kids
7. Another turtle neck but in a dress! LOVE! This would seriously be adorable! GAP Kids
8. This pink floral is so sweet and cute! J.Crew
9. Adie needs these shoes for her Christmas dress [ #2 ] Janie and Jack
10. Adie has so many pairs of shoes but still goes to church in socks so these are a must! Nordstrom
11. Have I mentioned how I love polka dots?! J.Crew
12. And here are more dots and like seriously a must have! J.Crew

I LOVE PINK and I think everyone knows it! But these two are going to have to be MUST BUYS! I seriously am going to be dying to get my hands on them and in my closet! These boots will be perfect for splashing around with my little pumpkin! 
Anthropologie | Nordstrom

Thanks for stopping by for some fun new wishes! I am still dying over that dress we have to get for Adie! We have such a busy week and I will be so ready for a fun time in Arizona with family come Friday :) 

Happy Monday and as always Happy Shopping!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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