Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

May we introduce you to Miss Adie, the Lion!

Let's talk about the costume. I really wanted to make her costume myself, but not only are there not enough hours in the day but I also can't sew and don't have a sewing machine. We; last minute [like last year] found a Lion costume at Babies R Us and said let's do this! I liked it, but thought it needed a little sprucing up! So I added some fur to the sleeves and feet and a whole lot of fluff to her mane and little tail! Now I am in LOVE with her costume and am so glad she ROAR's! If you ask her what a Lion says she will tell you ... "ROAR"! It's more like aaaaaakkkkk but you get the idea! Cutest Lion ever!

We had such a fun Halloween once Adie figured out she can walk to the door and fill up her little pumpkin bucket with goodies! She even picked out some of her own candy! And she sure oooh'd and oooh'd over suckers! Her Halloween favorite! There is nothing like seeing holidays through a child's eyes! I live for nights like this.

A little Trunk or Treating too!

Before we added a little ROAR to Adie's costume!

This was waiting for our little Lion when she woke up today! I love that she is old enough that we can be festive and she gets so excited! Her little Lalaloopsy Doll was a fun addition to her festive day! Our little Lion was so much fun! Now that Halloween is over I am ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am going to have to see what we can come up with for Thanksgiving to keep it festive around our house! Love this time of the year! 


Happy Halloween!

There is always more just around the "corner"!


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