Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sixteen Month Favorites

Our Adie is sixteen months old today and I am not sure how that happened! We just celebrated her birthday!!! And now she is cracking us up with laughter and keeping us busy by taking us with her wherever she goes! Just love her guts!

Grapes. These have been by far the most eaten in our house! I usually give these to her when she wakes up and watches her Sofia the First episode of the day! 

Stuffed Monkey. Adie and her monkey seriously kill me! She takes this guy everywhere and also bites his face! She picked him out when we went to the Circus and they have been best friends since! He is the softest monkey ever!

Munchkin Bowls. These are the best bowls ever! I wish they came in all pink! Adie has her own cupboard and she takes these out and then puts them back all day long! And some of them end up in her Minnie Car

Where's My Mummy. This new book we got for Halloween is the cutest book ever! Adie laughed when I read it to her and she always brings it to us to read in the morning! She points out all the pumpkins!

Paul Mitchell Brush. Adie is all about brushing her own hair! She finds my brushes in the drawer and runs away with them! They end up in her Minnie Car with everything else! She helps Ma brush her hair too! I have always sworn by Paul Mitchell anything and these brushes truly ROCK!

Minnie Mouse Grocery Cart. Seriously; how cute does it get?!?! Grandma and Papa had this waiting for Adie when we arrived! She has fallen in love! She pushes it all over and puts more then just groceries in it! I don't if I love it more or if Adie does! Cutest ever!

Chocolate Milk. Another thing waiting for Adie when we arrived was a fridge full of Papa's famous chocolate milk! Not too much chocolate and not too much milk ... just the right amount of both! Adie loves this stuff so much and usually only gets it with Papa! 

Xylophone. This  little music maker has been so fun for Adie! She bangs on it and makes the best sounds and she also walks all over the house making more music! It actually hasn't drove me crazy! Go us!

Ugg Boots. These are a must buy for every girl and Momma! I love just love these! Easy to put on so we can rush outside and play or head out for treasure hunting! These will be perfect for winter that is creeping up on us! 

Favorite Activities: Playing with Monkey, she loves to snuggle him and bites his face, but with love of course. She is a master organizer, she loves getting things out and putting them all back away, like books, magazines, toys, anything really. Playing with all her "makeup" in the bathroom, I have some old brushes that I never ever use so I put them in a makeup bag just for her. She loves playing with them while I get ready. Bath time is always a favorite, we'll have to add some glow sticks to make bath time a bit more fun!! (you can find some here) These would be perfect for emergency situations like boo-boos or road trips! Adie loves finding you and grabbing at your fingers or pants to take you with! Wherever she wants to go but then sometimes she just holds it long enough for you to get up! 

Least Favorite Activities: She doesn't like to stop what she is doing especially if she is having a blast! But we do have to change those dirty diapers or get out of the house every now and again! Doing her hair has become the biggest challenge that I bribe her with fruit snack! I try to be fast but sometimes it just doesn't cut it! She never ever leaves any bows or headbands on, but she does bring them to me after she rips them off! Best girl ever, right?! 

Signature Moves: Blowing kisses (and saying muah!), pretending to wash her hair & brush her teeth, dancing, throwing herself on the ground & pretending she is going to sleep. She also sings with Princess Sofia we always have in the car! As soon as the song comes on, she laughs and giggles and starts swaying back and forth singing along to it. 

Favorite age so far? I think so! She really couldn't be a sweeter, more fun little girl. I look forward to every single day with her, learning, playing & even cleaning up her little messes. Having a toddler can be so totally chaotic, but I love every second of it. I love this little pumpkin to pieces!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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