Thursday, October 3, 2013


Adie's pumpkin!

I love these BOOTS WITH THE FUR!

Helping Daddy with his pumpkin!


SCARF: Grandma Az made it for Adie last year!

JACKET: Peek Kids

BOOTS: Nordstrom or Uggs

I took a photography class last night and it is hard stuff! F.Stop this, ISO, shutter speed that and light flowing and all I want to do is use automatic. I am not a professional for sure but I want our pictures to be amazing!!! So we were told to practice, practice and practice so what better excuse to head outside and pick out our pumpkin! It was freezing outside but Adie is perfectly bundled up with her stinking cute scarf! So we all decided on our pumpkins and got a few for decorations! I can't wait to make them cute for Adie's room! I think pink and glitter are a must and will match her room perfectly! Adie can't say pumpkin yet but she sure loves them! She carried one she brought back everywhere with her in the house and even put it in her little Minnie car! It's like her new favorite toy! We're keeping things festive around here! The more I look at these pictures the more I want Adie's jacket in a Momma size! So a must have for Fall! I LOVE IT! 

Hope you guys are doing festive fun stuff! Let us know what you are doing for Fall! We always love ideas
(sometimes staying home, we can get a little stir crazy, especially with the COLD weather!)

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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