Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

I cannot brag enough about our little pumpkin; she is the best ever! We drove twelve [quick this time] hours to Arizona to spend the week with my family! We left at night so Adie could sleep BUT ... she stayed up till past midnight! In the best way possible! We laughed and played and of course Princess Sofia!

Saturday night we had our family pumpkin party! We carved pumpkins, Adie DOES like hot dogs, a kitty pinata filled with the best candy and enough of Daddy's cream soda to keep up with the big kids. 

Adie's Pumpkin! 

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Adie is sleeping in a big girl bed at Grandma's and Papa's and she just almost rolled out of it before Daddy grabbed her and we were all up at one am. She was on fire! Our poor Adie had a fever! I now know what it's like to have a sick baby girl! It just makes me so heart broken! She is still the best little girl ever! Snuggles and tylenol fix everything! She is already back to her dancing self. Nothing Sofia the First couldn't fix!

We still made our way to Annie's Apple Orchard! I remember going there in grade school on field trips and it is just like I remember ... apples! We took a tractor ride to the best apples and so want to make these with them! I just know they will make my Adie feel so much better! Definitely a fun memory made!!! 

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It has been so fun being with family and watching Adie be her fun self and still collecting rocks! We still have ANOTHER week filled with everything fun! Water parks, trunk or treating, HALLOWEEN and all of it filled with laughs and making memories to last until the next time. OH MY FUN! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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