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SWEATER: GAP Kids (last year)

I love the fact that some of my favorite things are making there way back to me! Here's what we are excited about being that it is already OCTOBER! 

The best ever pumpkin pie is at Village Inn with all of there traditional pumpkin pie topped with real whipped cream and sprinkled with nutmeg. I seriously buy the whole pie (it's cheaper in the long run) and eat it throughout the week! Plus FREE pie Wednesdays! You're Welcome! Pumpkin spice bundt cake is my favorite ever from Nothing Bundt Cakes! I could eat that every day too! I can hold off on the Jamba though for sure ... I'll wash it down with my thirstbuster!

2. All of my friends that are so full of DRAMA are back and I couldn't be more thrilled. I am addicted to Scandal. Revenge. Castle. and Nashville. I of course record them and watch them when I have "free time"! Nap time for Adie really means maybe I get to be comfy on the couch and catch up with my friends.

3. Festive Party Supplies. It's time for paper straws & cupcake toppers, I am loving the selection in this shop! I am going to have to pick up some Halloween & Christmas straws, these straws are popular in our house (mainly just me)! It helps keep things festive and cute! 

5. HALLOWEEN BOOKS! This is Adie's second Halloween but this year she is older and can understand everything so much better! Which we're really excited about! We'll be keeping story time a little more festive with some new books to add to her library! (and some old ones from last year). I know some of these will become new favorites Where's My Mummy. Scaredy Cat, Splat. Room on the Broom. The Halloween Ball. Where the Wild Things Are. I cannot wait for story time!

6. October means sweater weather. I am dying to get my hands on this one. My Guy always calls me Wife so I think it's PERFECT! Since we stay and play at home why not live in sweaters and cute leg warmers! These look to die for comfy! I could really get used to this wardrobe! I am so excited this year I get to stay home with my pumpkin and do all of the fun festive things with her! In our comfy clothes of course!

7. This year I want to add some festive decorations to our cozy place! I am so doing these and then these for Adie's room! It will so keep us girlie and festive all in one place!

8. Crunchy leaves are one of my all time favorite things being in Utah! I never really grew up with them unless we went camping! I love them! I always run back and forth and listen to them crunch. I think I love it so much because it does remind me of camping and being with my Family! I sure think Adie got the same love of crunchy leaves! Every year we always take a drive up to East Canyon and take a picture at the gate as an afternoon drive! 

It's officially OCTOBER so it's time to get some pumpkins and decorate and get festive! I will have to let Adie pick out her pumpkins! How fun is that! Here's a few things we know we will love for October!

1. This is perfect for my Adie Boo Boo! GAP Kids
2. These leg warmers are perfect for staying cozy! GAP Kids
3. It has to be Princess Sofia! This I am sure will be a favorite this Halloween! Target
4. These Lalaloopsy dolls are so fun and one of a kind! This is perfect for Halloween! Target
5. Where's My Mummy book is so cute! I think this will be MY favorite this year! Barnes and Noble
6. These skeleton pajamas are adorable! GAP Kids
7. And even cuter these pumpkin pajamas are a must! GAP Kids
8. These are some fun pants that will be a perfect piece for Fall! GAP Kids
9. Sweater season and this one is perfect for Adie and October! GAP Kids
10. Seriously! OH MY PUMPKIN PLATE! This is what we need for our lunches and dinners! Pottery Barn Kids
11. Even more so we will so need this come Trick-or-Treating time! And we can have her name stitched on it! PERFECT! Pottery Barn Kids

Happy OCTOBER! Thanks for stopping by and seeing what our October will be like! Let us know what you have planned for your festivities! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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