Monday, October 7, 2013


She laughs when we say" Let's go see the horseys; they go neeeaaaahhhh"!

She's waving BYE BYE! It is seriously the cutest thing ever!

DRESS: Old Navy

HEADBAND: Adie's Corner

LEGGINGS: Sassy Babies

This outfit has seriously become one of my favorite and go to outfits for Fall! The dress is just darling and just perfect! Today Everyday I just let Adie do her thing and fingers crossed we capture some Kodak moments; while still practicing what I learned from my photography class! Today was so fun to spend outside! The weather was seriously perfect and Adie saw the horseys and even pet one! She is such an adventurous bug that we could be outside literally all day! So we collected leaves, said "Hi" to the horseys, "rode" the tractor and said our bye byes all before noon! We are always busy and sometimes Adie just goes and goes and then she goes! So when she naps I go and go! I am working on the cutest "idea" ever! Today I tore apart a pallet and seriously earned a Dr. Pepper! Tomorrow is pallet number two! I just hope it turns out as cute as what I have in mind! I am a DIY wannabe right now!

I had to, just had to take a picture of Adie's monkey we got her from the Circus! She loves him so much she even shares her oreos with him! Adie found some oreos during Conference so we gave her one and I think she gave some to her monkey too! She gives him kisses and bites his face! It's a love hate relationship! It seriously cracked me up when I picked him up and saw that oreo kissed face!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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