Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My new favorite shot!

Her new favorite activity outside is collecting ROCKS! As many as she can too!

BOTTOM: Peek Kids

LACE LEGGINGS: Lil' Raskals Boutique

LEG WARMERS: Sassy Babies


This outfit has become one of my favorites! I just love the purple and green (My Guy calls it pistachio). It was the perfect outfit for today not being too cold or too hot out. We went to the circus this past weekend and I loved it I think more than Adie did! She fell asleep towards the ending, which she is so funny falling asleep lately. It's always during the loudest events (boat ride at Bear Lake, Knolls riding around in the sand and now the Circus) that she crashes! We bought her the cutest, softest Monkey ever! She now carries it everywhere! You even ask her "Where's your Monkey"? and she goes and gets him. It literally BLOWS my mind! The funnest age ever! (so far). The elephants were my favorite part! Such a ginormous animal on a small platform! I guess that's why they call it the Circus! Another favorite was all of the CONFETTI!!! I was dying! I got this book from Peek Kids to go with our first time Circus trip and she LOVED it. I read it to her three times in a row outside with the sun kissing our face! I don't know what it is about this book but she really likes it and it makes this Mommy HAPPY!


Needless to say I want to go every year now to the Circus! Thanks to my Adie girl for the funnest birthday present! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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