Monday, September 23, 2013

Wish List

I see our favorite color and black! I am seriously begging and pleading to have all of these treasures! I would literally DIE just die if all of this was sitting in Adie's closet. Stinking cute as ever!!! I guess that's why it's on our wish list! (for now; right???) I cannot get over how cute little girls clothes are. Makes me want to be little again; well that and being so carefree would be perfect right about now!

1. I am so going to order these! Personalized leggings! OH MY CUTE! Jennifer Ann
2. The cutest onesie I have ever seen! Zulily
3. These pants, need I say more! J.Crew
4. I love hearts and even more so comfy sweaters. J.Crew
5. These headbands will literally go with anything! LOVE Jennifer Ann
6. THEY SQUEAK! Zulily
7. I love these, makes me feel like we should be on a yacht! J.Crew
8. STAR! J.Crew
9. Who doesn't need cute shades?! J.Crew
10. I am obsessed! Janie and Jack
11. Perfect and need I say perfect for Fall! Nordstrom
12. All I have to say is ... it's PINK! J.Crew

I have two wishes for me this time! I found these OMG must haves and now it's gonna be like Confessions of a Shopaholic and whisper and nag at me, BUY ME BUY ME! Way cute and I already love them!
Kate Spade I want these two amazing pieces, xoxo Lisa.  

Thanks for seeing what's on our wish list today! Happy Monday and Happy Shopping! Go out there and get something on your wish list! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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