Monday, September 16, 2013

Wish List

I am loving all of the gold and reds for fall. 
I think all of these are seriously must haves. Girl's clothes can create shopping addictions! They are all so cute and I want them all. I think we might have a shoe addiction already! Just a few more items for our wish list!

1. I "HEART" this so much! J.Crew
2. It's so fluffy, I could die! J.Crew
3. A COMPLETE MUST HAVE!!! Janie and Jack
4. Goes perfect with #3. Janie and Jack
5. All you need is HEART! It's so true. J.Crew
6. SPARKLES! no need to say more. Nordstrom
7. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Nordstrom
9. This is perfect for Adie! Peek Kids
10. These would be paired perfect with #9. Peek Kids
11. I am dying over this big bow headband. Janie and Jack
12. Cutest sweater ever. Peek Kids
Here's a wish for me ... Nena and Co. day bag or weekender bag! I am in LOVE!

Nena and Co. day bag! WANT IT SO BAD!

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