Monday, September 30, 2013

Wish List

More wishes and boy are they wishes! These are some fun pieces we must have for Fall! I am in love with the heart stripped leggings! I also really. really. like really. want that dress. Every item on this list would look perfect for our upcoming events this Fall! Pumpkin carving, hot coco sipping, leaf crunching and maybe a road trip back to Arizona! 

1. Who doesn't love plaid in girlie colors! GAP Kids
2. These leggings are perfect to stay warm and they are PINK! J.Crew
3. Park in the Sky onesie ... adorbs! J.Crew
4. These are the "I'm dying for leggings" I was talking about earlier! Old Navy
5. This sweater looks so comfy and would look perfect with number one. GAP Kids
6. This is the dress that is a must!!!!!!!!!! Old Navy
7. A little camo never hurt anyone and seems to be way popular for Fall this year. Old Navy
8. These pants almost look like a pair I have so we have to get them! Shopus Benetton
9. These shoes are so stinking cute and look so easy to slip on! Nordstrom 
10. FUR VEST!!!! I think Adie would get a big kick out of this and it would look so cute! Old Navy
11. Purple pants to go with number one and five! COMPLETE! GAP Kids
12. These floral leggings are too cute! Perfect Fall piece! I forgot :( but they are adorable!

I have been like dying to get a pair of these sandals. I know it's Fall but how easy is it to slip these on and head out to the store or for a thirstbuster! When my Adie is ready to go I do not want to make her wait! (it can get scary). So these would be more than perfect! I seriously never thought I would want a pair (even My Guy said he wouldn't imagine me wanting them) but I DO!!! So cute! These Birkenstocks!

There is always more just around the "corner" and especially wishes!

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