Thursday, September 26, 2013


I am DYING. DYING. DYING. over this outfit!

I swear she is only ONE! well fifteen months but still! Where did my baby go?!

I seriously love that she holds my hand! 
Kisses for my girl! xoxo

TOP: Nordstrom

BOTTOMS: Peek Kids

BOOTS: Nordsrom

 HEADBAND: Adie's Corner

Oh my heck!!! I love these boots to death! PINK Dr. Marten's!! Yes please! I love how tuff they are and yet still so girlie! This entire outfit is so stinking cute! I like how you can get two different looks with the skirt and with just the leggings! I think I am team skirt! Her headband that she insisted taking off every second I put it on matches perfectly! I just think it can't get much cuter! Another perfect outfit for Fall and being outside! 

We will be featuring our headbands in the tab HEADBANDS from any posts that have them. They will be available for YOU to purchase! How stinking awesome! So go check them out! :) Another big thanks for stopping by and supporting cute clothes and a ton of Adie pictures!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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