Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fifteen Month Favorites

A look all of our favorite baby products by month! How fun is this?! Links to the post and all products can be found below... hope you find this helpful! If you have any additional suggestions or products that you have loved or had to have, feel free to leave them in the comments section for other Mommas (me too) to read! 

ABC Blocks. These have been a real favorite for awhile now but it's still one of her go to toys! I love it too so when we play together we can learn too! She bangs them together and hides them in her little car and even the cupboards. A true must get for your toddler!

Beaba Utensils. The fork is the perfect fit right now for Adie. She loves being a big girl and using her fork. Macaroni and her fork are a big mess but she actually does get some in her mouth! It just makes me all warm and fuzzy that she can use her utensils. Don't ask me why, I'm a Mommy now! (everything makes me a bawl bag).

Princess Sofia the First. The cutest new Disney show out there! So of course we have to get her books too! I also downloaded the copy on my iPad so we have it everywhere! Adie freaks when she hears Princess Sofia on or even when you ask her if she wants to watch it. She runs to the T.V. and dances (just like the princesses do). She gets to watch Sofia during snack time or on the occasion I need a quick breather and a Dr. Pepper! 

Hair Ties. These hair ties are my favorite too! I first noticed them at my tanning place and instantly stocked up! I love that they even have glitter! Adie loves these and hoards them. She is so into my girlie stuff that I hope it sticks because I am not sure what I would do with a tomboy!!! (seriously!) You can really get them anywhere but we stumbled upon some at Anthropolgie!

Firefly Barbie Toothbrush. She LOVES to brush her teeth and eat the toothpaste. She is such a big help too when it's time to brush her mouth full of teeth! She has twelve right now and four more on the way! She has been such a drool monster lately!

Strawberries. She could eat these for days and blueberries, raspberries, bananas and watermelon. She is so her Daddy's girl! She loves these so much she gets them every morning! Any kind of fruit has become a favorite for breakfast or a snack! Now if I can just get her to eat her veggies! (I need some tricks!)

Rubber Ducky. Adie is SO in love with baths! She splashes and kicks and plays with all her bath toys! The ducks seem to be very popular during bath time! I just love when all her eyelashes get stuck together and her eyes say HEL-LO! She even likes the shower; any water really!

Converse Lo Tops. Shoes addict in the making! She is so obsessed with shoes right now and not just her own. She is always grabbing our shoes from the closet and trying to put them on! She even helps me put them on! Such a big girl!

Playskool Rocktivity. She LOVES this so much! Adie right now is all about music! She ooooooohh's and dances to any music! Her dance moves have gotten quite good. I can seriously just watch her for hours! She now grabs my finger to push the buttons on her music stand. It's all about music or learning, whatever you're in the mood for! (Thanks Aunt Nelly and Uncle Jeff.)

Favorite Activities: Anything outside! She loves the outdoors and smelling flowers and the occasional plant! She is obsessed with putting things in their spot! She moves them back and forth and still remembers that they are there the next day! So amazing how smart she is! NAP TIME! I am one lucky Momma, I tell Adie it's night night time and she runs to her crib and tries to crawl up it! It is the best ever! Sure makes that routine EASY! 

Least Favorite Activities: Diaper changes, getting dressed, getting out of the bathtub & the word "no" (we get an instant sassy pants). Go figure.

Hope this is helpful to the first time & soon-to-be mommas out there! I hope these items will help you enjoy time with your pumpkins just a little bit more. (working on month one - fourteen; it'll be way fun to have!) Thanks for stopping by and let us know some of your favorites or any for the months to come! We would just love that big time! 

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