Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Favorites

These are some of our favorites for the upcoming leaf crunching, pumpkin picking, hot coco drinking, and snuggling weather pieces. I seriously could shop for hours ... for days! So much stinking cute stuff out there right now and the good thing is Fall just started so we have time! 

1. Who doesn't want need a leather jacket! Zara
2. I love this color, reminds me of the beach! GAP Kids
3. There's no place like home ... boot style! Dr. Martens
4. Love this belt and the fact it's Adie size. GAP Kids
6. I just love this onesie ... Daddy is my King! GAP Kids
7. Beanies are perfect for days Adie wont let me do her hair! GAP Kids
9. So stinking cute! GAP Kids
10. This beanie is a must!!! GAP Kids
11. Flower power in a boot! SOLD! Dr. Martens
12. The go to jeans! Perfect fit! Peek Kids

I know a lot of these are from GAP Kids but seriously that store is one big comfy must have! I love how everything is soft and fuzzy for our little pumpkin to stay warm as the weather starts to cool down! These are a great start to keeping her warm! We will need tons of beanies too since outside is her happiest place to be! Hats pretty much go with anything too, as long as I can get her to keep them on. (right now she cries and rips them off). I have such an itch to go shopping! Thanks for stopping by to see what some of our favorites are! 

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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