Saturday, September 28, 2013


A well-stocked diaper bag can save your life not only your day. But what do you really need in there? It depends on how old your child is, how long you'll be out, where you're going, and how prepared you like to be. I pack the same stuff in our bag no matter where or how long I will be because YOU NEVER KNOW! Plus I am someone who likes to be prepared maybe a little OCD! So here's a list of things we bring in our diaper bag for a trip to Grandma's or even out shopping! Now don't think we take all of this to the Maverick for a thirstbuster but if I know I will be out and about running errands or gone longer than a half hour or so this baby (both of them) comes with!

1. Baby wipes. Seriously a MUST in every bag or purse! Target
2. These bags are amazing! You can put anything you want in them! We love grapes in ours! Lil' Raskals
3. You can never have too many wet ones! I wipe down the carts and tables we sit at! Target
4. Hand sanitizer for me. Adie. and anyone else that needs it! Target
5. A&D ointment! By far the best bum saver we have used! It seriously works over night! Target
6. Swaddle blankets work for everything! Snuggles, burps and messes. Nordstrom
7. Minimergency Kit! This was a must buy for us! It literally comes with everything! J.Crew
8. SUNSCREEN! For that just in case we're outside to long moments! Target
9. These little snack containers are awesome! You can give your little one a variety! Target
10. I am a diaper snob and we have to have Pampers! No if's and's or stinky butts! Target
11. Johnsons and Johnsons head to toe wash! Life can get messy sometimes! Target
12. Johnson and Johnson lotion. Massage time! We tell Adie this when we lather her up with lotion! Target
13. Johnson and Johnson baby powder keeps things dry! Target
14. Another outfit! I usually bring 2 and a set of pajamas in case we are out late! GAP Kids
15. These Graduates Puffs are a huge hit with Adie especially when we are in a store and she's sassy! Target
16. Straw Sippy Cups ... my favorite ones! They DO NOT leak! Target
17. Princess Sofia book is a must! Disney Store
18. Nordstrom's blankets are the softest ever! Nordstrom
19. Her take everywhere bunny! Peek Kids
20. Chewbeads are the best invention! Adie chomps on these things for hours! Chewbeads or Sassy Babies
21. I AM OBSESSED WITH OUR DIAPER BAG! Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom

Even my stuff fits in our diaper bag! I cannot say enough amazing things about this bag! I love love love it! It's beautiful! My Hubby bought it for me because I wanted it so bad! I get compliments all the time. It holds all of the above plus my stuff! It's been soaked from the lake and still looks brand new! (that's another story). Literally obsessed!

1. Can't forget our keys! I love Brighton's keychains! Brighton
2. Our iPhone so we can dance to our favorite music and so we don't get lost! I am so team iPhone! Apple
3. A girl's bible! Cosmopolitan
4. My new Ray Bans that I am in love with! I wear them around the house just to wear them! Ray Ban
5. Kate Spade does everything right! I love my wallet from her collection! I am not the cash type so this is the perfect size for me and our diaper bag! Kate Spade or Nordstrom

Have a great weekend guys and can't wait to share ours with you next week!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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