Thursday, September 19, 2013

Black and White



This is how our whole day went! ...

BOTTOM: Sassy Babies


I cannot believe how late it is and we are just now sharing this serious cuteness. All I can say is I AM OBSESSED!!! I want to buy like every stinking color maxi skirt out there now! OH MY ADORBS! (My Hubby laughs at adorbs). We went to Little Cottonwood Canyon and that was the biggest ever epic fail. My little pumpkin wanted me, her mamma the entire time. I couldn't even set her down to discover. So we headed home and went to pick up a dress and she was all sort of fun running around the parking lot. I hurried and got my camera out and snapped these pictures today! It's been a two thirstbusters kind of day! I love the entire look of this outfit. It really makes her look like such a big girl she is. The skirt is seriously to die for. LOVE IT! 
Here's to TGIF tomorrow! xoxo

p.s. I got my awesome sunglasses from my wish list for my birthday! Love you Hubby!

There is always more just around the "corner"!

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