Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lucky Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lucky Lavender.
Prep Work: Polish remover; I use acetone (it's quick). Nail file, buffer; any store
really, I like Trade Secret. Exfoliating Scrub; best ever from Victoria's Secret

I love these summer colors from OPI: I get my polish from
Trade Secret. La Paz-itively Hot. Lucky Lucky Lavender.
Elephantastic Pink. Tutti Fruitti Tonga. Mermaid's Tears.

The best top coat EVER!!! Seche Vite

Nothing makes me feel more girlish than nice looking nails. Well that and a few other things but nails is high up on the list! I have always painted my nails and even more so since little Adie. I try and paint them when she naps while also doing my stay at home everything to do list. That means I have to move quick and I need a top coat that can keep up with me.

Which is why I just LOVE the Seche Vite top coat. This makes your nails dry like super fast! Nothing is worst when you take all that time, make them look perfect, to get them smudged or even worse sheet marks!!! I HATE SHEET MARKS! I would wait hours before going to bed after painting my nails and still woke up with sheet marks. Not any more, this stuff is simply amazing and I am a forever buyer!

My two favorite polishes are O.P.I. and Nicole. Another must have is the VS Perfect Body exfoliating scrub. Every time I have gotten a pedicure and they use the scrubs I always felt like it hurt. I know its doing its job but ouch!!! This stuff is gentle but really does the job and I always use it after I take off my nail polish. That way I start with great looking digits.

My Ma always taught me to use three strokes to polish. The sides first and the last stroke is right in the middle. Less is more that way it doesn't peel off.

Another trick I always end up using is; a small make-up brush to clean up the edges if need be. I just bought a super cheap one at Target and dip in the acetone and clean up the edges and it works like the best! Especially with dark nail polish like my favorite reds.

So after all of that you have a stay at home manicure! Loves it! xoxo

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